We are a student news magazine at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts that publishes both web and print editions. Our staff of 12 includes juniors and seniors from the Creative Writing, Visual Arts, and Orchestra.

Our staff has been working this semester on articles showcasing the unique happenings on our campus, notable staff and faculty, and pieces that connect DA to the local, regional and nationwide communities. 

We hope you enjoy our newspaper and look forward to hearing from you about topics you want to see in our upcoming web and print editions.

-The Artisan Staff


Collaboration Connection

Collaboration Connection is a new service coming this year to The Artisan’s website.

Collaboration Connection was created for D.A. students looking to collaborate with students from other arts areas, whether it’s for event’s hosted by D.A., or individual creative endeavors.

If you are looking for someone from another arts area to work with on an artistic project, fill out this form and email it to us using the “Contact Us” page. If accepted, your proposal will be uploaded to the website so that students interested in collaborating with you may contact you.


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