Noah McGahagin
Staff Writer

        Q: What do you do here at DA?

        A: “I am the curriculum administrative assistant. I do scheduling, grading, and testing. I’m the liaison to administration. I also sponsor GSA.”

        Q: How long have you worked here and how long have you dressed up for spirit week?

        A: “I’ve worked here six years, but I also went to school here and went to summer camp here in elementary school. I’ve literally grown up here at DA.”

        Q: What arts area were you in?

        A: “Visual arts.”

        Q: What’s been your favorite spirit week costume and why?

        A: “A couple of years ago we had animal day. I dressed up as the king of the animals: a lion with a crown. The essence is not to take yourself too seriously, to be creative for creativity’s sake. Dressing up helps you to be a kid again because we take so much serious. It’s fun to dress up.”

        Q: How do you pick out and plan your costumes?

        A: “Sometimes it’s a vision, the pressure to be creative. Other times you recreate your own version of a character. I don’t do group costumes. I don’t want to rely on everyone else to do their part. [Halloween] is an individual holiday.”

        Q: Have you always enjoyed dressing up?

        A: “Yes, always.”

        Q: What was your first costume?

        A: “My mom dressed me as a clown, when I was really sick with the flu. There’s pictures of me looking sad as a clown. My mom gets really into Halloween too.”

        Q: What was the first costume you made yourself?

        A:  “In 10th grade I was Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I really tried to recreate the character, and I sewed a sequin jacket.”

        Q: Is Halloween your favorite holiday and why?

        A: “Absolutely. It’s creative. You’re not buying anything and it’s not religious. It’s about celebrating the dead in a positive way. We fear death but it’s part of life. I do not like Christmas, it’s the exact opposite.”

        Q: What is your favorite costume that you’ve seen on someone else?

        A:  Last night I was a judge at a costume contest. The winners were Daft Punk, they made their own helmets. It was clear they put in effort, the costumes were handmade. My friend Hayden also has a great costume as the fly from the classic movie. I encourage everyone to stay creative. Don’t conform to “sexy” costumes.”