Keiona Wallace
Visual Editor

Looking for a simple and sweet fall snack to satisfy your sweet tooth? Candy apples are a fall favorite. Here’s a quick and simple recipe for those short on time and still wanting a caramel covered delight.

– Bag of caramels (three to four caramels for each apple mini)

– Bowl

– Apple of your choice

– Melon Scooper

– Lollipop sticks (or toothpicks)

– (Optional) sprinkles (fall colored if you’re looking to be extra festive)
1. Using the melon scooper, scoop out sections of the apple

2. Place the lollipop sticks (or toothpicks) into center of each apple mini

3. Put caramels in bowl and microwave for 30 – 45 seconds, watch carefully until fully melted, then mix.

4. Dip each apple mini completely in caramel and quickly dip in small bowl of sprinkles

5. Set them on a plate to harden for six to seven minutes (place in freezer for quicker results) and your apple minis will be ready for all to enjoy.