Davie Hardesty
Staff Writer

   Jaionni McGown has what most would, call a ‘hipster’ style. “I’m very diverse on style,” she said, “I get my inspiration from many groups of people. My mom back in the 90s is my style inspiration, her and my aunt. She has a modern, trendy kind of style.”

   McGown’s friends would agreed that she is the most style conscious person they know.

  “I think her style is so cute and I wish I had enough confidence and fashion sense to wear what she does,” said Jazzlin Hagans, junior.   

  With her unique selections and great eye for DIY. She adds small embellishment here and there to her clothing making everything her own. “I first became interested in fashion when I started high school. The time for experiments, you know,” she said.

  As a kid, McGown had similar taste in clothes like most of us. Her wardrobe consisted of many different pieces from Justice, along with graphic T-shirts from Rue 21. “Those weren’t times when my style flourished, but it was that weird phase for me that contributed a lot to my personality.”

  McGown recently started an Instagram page where she sells some of her old clothing and accessories that she never wears anymore. “I’m a hoarder so I have lots of clothes and it’s a great way to make money to buy more clothes,” said McGown when asked about the page. The Instagram itself has been very successful and she sold a lot so far.

  “Her clothes are good quality and they go with anyone’s style. Plus they’re affordable,” said Mary Raker, junior.

  Many of McGown’s friends aspire to capture her style.

  “Her style is iconic, sensational, and it’s the future,” Jordan Goble, junior.

  To those she suggests, “find some inspiration boards on different apps, look at what you think is cool, try to capture it, and just go for it. Find your style from previous decades. I’m heavily influenced by the 90s and 70s, but at the same time i don’t dress like I’m coming from Fresh Prince. Find the color palettes, styles, and silhouettes from the decades to be inspired by.