Keiona Wallace
Visual Editor

   With the constant updating and changing that flows through social media many consider it important to stay up to date with the latest trends and fashions. Whether it’s world news or America’s next popular meme, society is glued to their phones awaiting what’s next. In a survey conducted by The Artisan, 96% of  DA students reported using social media on a day to day basis, uploading the average of at least one to ten photos a month. These photos will normally receive up to 30 or more likes on average.

  Instagram has installed new updates that are compared closely to ones of Facebook and Snapchat with the new live feature and Instagram Stories. Over 150 million people use Instagram Stories every day according to an article from Instagram Stories are short videos or a photo that lasts 24 hours before disappearing completely and the live feature enables you to what’s happening right then and there. As a whole has advanced its platform in many different ways allowing users for more freedom on the app itself. You can take more than just your average square photos, disappearing messages, and stories.

  The reason Instagram Stories were created on the platform was because “It [Instagram] became a place where people kept raising the bar on themselves in terms of the quality of what they had to achieve to post,” said Kevin Weil, Instagram’s Head of Product in an interview done with The reason they were so closely compared to Snapchat was because they both acquired the same format and layout. Though teens still prefer to use Snapchat over Instagram Stories.

  With these new updates on social media platforms, there is still more encouragement for individuals to post more about themselves whether gloating, sharing a moment or because it was the perfect lighting. “I feel like I need validation from strangers. It makes me feel like I’m small for not getting enough likes” said freshman Kyle Worrell. Instagram is the most used app among DA students surveyed (88 percent) while Snapchat fell behind in numbers. With Instagram being a more popular app some people may feel more pressured to follow trends rather than their own instincts.

  “It gives me a feeling of satisfaction and slight victory. Mostly because in this society, beauty in the physical aspect is a trend,” said junior Jessica Brock, “Without beauty, there is no hierarchy of whose profile is better or how many likes a person receives on a photo/ video. To feel pretty sometimes, I need to find satisfaction within others to find it within myself.”

  With social media becoming more of a necessity in people’s lives we really have to ask is it all worth it in the end? The likes and views are just numbers that make people conscious of their “social worth” in society and that could inflate the egos of some. The ideal state of a person’s worth comes from themselves and people shouldn’t have to be pressured by ongoing trends around them to feel that satisfaction in life.