Savannah McLeod
Co-Business Manager

 Douglas Anderson is known for being an incredibly diverse school, hosting unique and talented students alike. Readily promoting self-expression, many students at the school have looked to tattoos as an outlet to portray their hardships, values, or even creativity.

Samantha Vidal, vocal:  

   “My tattoo is a crescent moon facing upwards like a happy face. It has three tear marks on the bottom and the word renace on the bottom as well. It means ‘to be reborn.’ The symbol “blessings” is something for me to look at and think of good fortune. It’s like a good luck charm–I’d been obsessed with fortune for a long time, so I figured I’d get it tattooed on me. It’s a Wiccan symbol. The word renace was because I got it at a time in my life where I was reborn into a different person, I wasn’t as snobby, mean, or hopeless… I’m reborn.”

 Roudy Leonard, visual arts:

 “Honestly my tattoo defines who I am. To me, it ties me back to growing up as a foreigner, because I wasn’t born in the U.S. Growing up in Florida, it was weird to fit in with people, I felt different, as well as having an interest in astrology and astronomy. In a Roman Mythology aspect, Mars is my favorite God because he was the God of war. I always feel like I’m always going through battles, so I want to have the God of war on my hand.”

 Kaitlyn Medders, visual arts:

“I like this tattoo because it inspires me, and I see it every day so I can’t really ignore it. I’m going to be going to a tattoo institute down in Miami for six weeks and I’ll be getting my tattooing license and my Florida certificate. I have twelve tattoos total and all of them have specific meanings… I don’t regret any of them.”