Keiona Wallace
Visual Editor

“Remember to balance your professional and personal lives.”

  Almost every weekend you can find me sitting in piles of homework, trying to prioritize which is more important, my art or academic work? On my to-do list, I have 20 line poem, 3 math assignments, online anatomy quiz, a portfolio due Monday morning, photos to be edited and emailed, and all to be done on a busy Saturday or Sunday both of which are meant for cleaning.

  My schedule consists of running around every power hour, conducting interviews, taking photos for the Artisan, trying to catch up on missing assignments from my teachers, or even doing writing assignments I couldn’t keep my eyes open enough to finish the night before. My busy school life often prohibits me from having any type of social life outside of school. My best friends that I’ve known since middle school only see me for about an hour a day, and have realized that it takes planning ahead to even see me for longer.

  It’s seven months into the school year and I still haven’t gotten the hang of the word ‘balance’. I probably wouldn’t have stopped to even think about this until I read that small slip of paper that fell out of my fortune cookie. Balancing both a school and personal life is still a struggle for me on a day to day basis and I’ve constantly found myself prioritizing work over myself as well. Work is always my first priority in life and being the selfless person I am, I might not have ever seen a problem with it.

  I always try to make time for myself though even if it’s just halting my work for a while to watch a movie or play video games. I found that doing so is helpful in relaxing and getting that weight off your shoulders. Thinking about a few other things I do that help me to relieve stress, I came up with this schedule:

  • Take breaks in between while you work. Make sure you’re doing something that you enjoy so you’re calming and treating yourself at the same time. This can be helpful for getting rid of some of the anxiety associated with work.
  • Try prioritizing your work by what’s due sooner. By doing this it sets in mind to get your work done as soon as possible and you won’t have to worry about it later.
  • Set at least one day in your week aside for friends (the more the better). This gives you some room for social flexibility.
  • Be okay with messing up. In the words of singer Hannah Montana “nobody’s perfect.” Which means it’s 100 percent okay for you to mess up a little. Take it in as a learning experience.
  • Have fun and joke around some. You can’t be serious all your life so it’s best you ease up now and live. You can have work and play working hand in hand if you try.

Even now, while I’m still learning these things myself I know fortune cookies may not change your future, remembering to stop and take a breath every once in awhile certainly can.