Only at DA: Look at that hair!

Thaiyana Pittman

Staff Writer

What happens when students are given the opportunity to fully express themselves? Well, if you look around at the student body of Douglas Anderson (DA), you will see exactly what happens.

Hair is a visual representation of who one is. It can represent what they stand for, or work as a way to showcase maturity in making decisions on their own.

“Because it is so visible, though, hair also becomes a part of a person’s identity. It helps define the persona you aim to create to impress others, whether as an intellectual, a sexual being, a rebel, or some combination of the above. Hair can also influence the way you define yourself to yourself, as an extension of your identity,” said Susan Whitbourne, Ph.D. in an article titled What Your Hair Really Says About You.

The DA student body has always been expressive with their work and the need to emphasize identity, their hair sometimes becoming a piece of art in the process.

Students can be seen sporting different hair colors: green, blue, burgundy, pink, platinum blonde. The freshman, despite being new to the DA trend, are no exception.

“It’s K-pop inspired,” said Faith Hendrix, freshman with electric blue hair. K-pop is, is a musical genre originating in South Korea that is characterized by a wide variety of audio-visual elements. This genre has been talked about by other student around campus, coincidentally, students with oddly dyed hair.

Ayla Murray, freshman, also sports electric blue hair, a seemingly popular choice this year. Despite sitting alone at lunch and her reserved nature, her hair shows another side to her that otherwise might be overlooked.

“During adolescence, your hair matures to its more or less final form, leaving childhood texture and even color behind. As your adult identity forms, it develops around this image,” said Whitbourne.

Students all around the DA campus exhibit this idea.

“It’s more expressive. I love bright colors and blue is just an awesome bright color,” said Murray.