James Gunn controversy affects more than Guardians of the Galaxy

Lily Stanton

Digital Editor

Due to the rise in popularity of using social media as an outlet for news, there have been many scandals surfacing. One of which threatens not only accused director James Gunn, but one of the most popular franchises to date – the Marvel Universe.

The third movie in the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy is set to start production sometime this November. However, due to past posts from director of the Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, he has been fired by Disney, pre-production. It’s being discussed if this will affect Avengers Four – also known as Infinity War part two. Though we don’t know if these actors will keep those promises, James Gunn’s absence will cause a huge disruption in the Marvel Universe that is so close to so many hearts.

James Gunn’s controversial posts circulated twitter roughly ten years ago now and have been placed in the light once more. The things he said involved derogatory remarks on sexual abuse, and many other sensitive topics that, as of recent times, are unacceptable. While his brother, Sean Gunn, said that these posts don’t represent who he is today, some say that he should be held accountable for his past actions anyways.

“He might have felt that some comedians were making similar jokes on stage about fifteen years ago; but in comedy clubs you are playing to a select audience that realizes some material may be offensive,” said Scott Reneau, Douglas Anderson (DA) film teacher who has worked in the past with Disney.

Reneau believes that James Gunn was sincere in his apology, but also acknowledged that his punishment may have been just.

This situation has been occurring amongst people of high standing on social media much more frequently in recent times.

“Are we gonna go back and go after all the comedians from the 70s 80s and 90s who said things; are we going to erase cinema completely because we believe cinema shouldn’t show things that were at some particular times were acceptable, but now are not,” said Doctor James Thayer, also a cinematic teacher at DA.

He believes people can change.

The question of whether or not James Gunn has changed is debated though.

“Why didn’t Gunn pull the offensive material off of twitter years ago if his views had changed?” said Reneau, claiming this was his was his initial reaction when finding out about the controversy.

The rumored death of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Drax is another threat Gunn’s firing has caused. Actor David Boutista, whose role as Drax has helped guide his way to a successful career in acting, came out saying that he would quit if James Gunn were to be fired, and he was. This ultimately has lead to the rumored killing of David’s character in this series of films, if he follows through. However, this is just one of the surface level affects, and proposes a new aspect of this issue regarding how James Gunn’s past immaturity may lead to people losing their jobs.

“I would imagine, in this case, the studio is going to say this is what we want and we are putting a figure head director in here… but I don’t think it will have an impact on [the movie] at all,” said Thayer.

Though this may cause some disturbance amongst the fans, Thayer believes all will be resolved. However, after saying this, he addressed the idea of actors leaving the franchise and says he believes actors leaving could potentially hinder the film and how it’s loss of income could impact the franchise as a whole.

Now it’s being reported that Marvel plans on using James Gunn’s script even after his firing. This brings up many more arguments about the fairness around the entire controversy.

Whether or not one believes James Gunn’s firing is fair, it is safe to say that most fans of the Marvel Universe are hoping it doesn’t damage or hinder future Marvel movies and their beloved actor’s careers.

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