Introducing Ms. Ward

Cameron Bäck

Buisness Manager

   As an intern at Terry Parker High School, Emily Ward sprung at the opportunity to teach at Douglas Anderson. With a full year under her belt, Ward has joined the English department, teaching both Freshmen and Seniors alike.

   “DA offered me a job halfway through my year at Terry Parker and it was the best job available. I’ve come to love the fit of the creative mindset that the students have, it allows me to connect with them better and opens a new path for teaching.” Said Ward on the fit of DA and why she chose to become a full-time teacher.

   For Ward, her occupation has never been in doubt. Known her calling was teaching since middle school, she has never strayed from that path.

   “I had impactful teachers that helped mentor me through my entire school experience and I feel like I have to give back. If you pay me to talk about books all day, I’m 100% down for that.” said Ward.

   Teaching has always been Ward’s passion, yet before coming to DA Ward worked with the UNF Softball team as the Director of Operations.

   “I play a lot of games and I’m very competitive. I’m in a kickball league with my friends, I play a lot of Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Zelda, and I love boardgames. I also love to paint with watercolors and work with design.” Said Ward.

   Although she was aware of her desire to become a teacher, Ward bounced around quite a bit on her subject before finally deciding on English.

   “I went back and forth between English and History, but with English you can have such deep conversations that help you understand your own world through a fictional one.” Said Ward.

   Although it is a major time commitment, Ward enjoys teaching and is looking forward to her teaching career at DA. She appreciates how DA alleviates her way of creativity, own personal teaching process, and connecting with the student body.

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