Mia Parola

Mia Parola is a senior creative writer and second-year staff member of The Artisan, where she is currently the Social Media Editor. Her adoration for journalism is fueled by a love for sharing information and connecting with her DA community. She’s been intrigued by journalism ever since her she started following current events in middle school, but some of her newer interests include poetry, scuba diving, and wandering through antique shoppe aisles for hours. 

On weekends, Mia is often found volunteering at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH), where playing with baby turtles is one of the perks she enjoys. Her favorite animal, though, is her cat Nessie who walks on her keyboard when she tries to write. 

A lifetime Florida Gators fan, Mia hopes to attend the University of Florida and study political science. 


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