An inside look at The Artisan

Madason Cornish

Staff Writer

Since 1985, The Artisan has been a special part of the Douglas Anderson community. However, few know who’s responsible. You may have heard about the Artisan in the school halls or perhaps you have picked up a copy of the magazine at the newspaper boxes and read it yourself. But have you ever wondered who’s behind the Artisan? 

 The Artisan staff is made up of thirteen Douglas Anderson students. You are probably asking yourself, “when do these students find the time to write, design, and publish a magazine?” But believe it or not, there’s a class for it. The class is led by Elizabeth Flaisig, Creative Writing Department Head and is application based.  

There are four lead positions; Editor-in-Chief, Layout and Design Editor, Web Editor, and Social Media Editor. The rest of the students are staff writers. 

Sarah Ermold, senior, is the Editor-in-Chief for the Artisan. She edits the articles for web and print publication, makes sure everything is on time, and manages fundraisers.  

Mia Parola, senior, is the Social Media Editor for the Artisan. She schedules posts, announcements, and boosts Artisan Members who are searching for interviews. 

 Hollis Ackiss, senior, is the Layout and Design Editor. They design the print magazines.  

Abigail Gower, senior, is the web editor. She oversees the web pieces and ensures that everyone’s work is moving smoothly.  

It begins with an idea, Gower says. “Usually those ideas come to me when I’m walking in the hallways, and I hear people talking about certain things.” Students at Douglas Anderson play a major role in the Artisan. Whether it be the spark to an idea, or interviewees. The Artisan’s main audience are the students, and the staff strives to create articles they love.  

After the staff come up with their ideas, the interview process begins. The staff is sent on a hunt to find students, teachers, and other faculty members to interview for articles. Although a bit nerve wracking, interviewing can be enjoyable. Parola says, “I’ve talked to so many cool people—even if I’m stressed it’s hard not to have fun.” Interviewing is a great way to meet new people and connect with the Douglas Anderson student body. Finally, once the staff have finished all their interviews, they can complete the first draft of their article.  

“The purpose of the Artisan is to provide a space for all kinds of articles,” says Ermold.  The crew is providing students the opportunity to send their own ideas for articles to the Artisan’s Instagram: @artisan_news. Send a direct message and you may see your idea come to life.  

This year, the goal for the Artisan is to branch out and reach people. The staff are working towards getting more students involved.  “I want to walk around the school, like at lunch, and see someone reading the Artisan,” Ackiss said.  

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