Support Staff Spotlight: Joan Penzera

Maddie Morton

Staff Writer

Every other week, we will sit down with some of our amazing support staff and get to know them better. Those featured in each bi-weekly piece include staff in Custodial Services, Security, Front Desk, Behind the scenes/Student Activities, and our Cafeteria. Be sure to check-in every other week to meet the staff members who do so much for us and our school.

For this week’s Support Staff Spotlight, we have Joan Penzera, who works in the front office and she is our high school secretary! 

Joan Penzera, DA’s Secretary

The Artisan: Have you always lived in Jacksonville? 
Penzera: I moved to Jacksonville when I got married. 

Artisan: Where were you born and raised? 
Penzera: I was born in Michigan, but I was raised in Pennsylvania. 

Artisan: Are there any arts areas that we offer here at DA that you enjoy? 
Penzera: When I was younger, I really enjoyed the theater and when I went to high school, I participated in three different theater departments. Although I wanted to try everything from creative writing to dancing and painting, with painting I could never find a way to paint the faces, so I really admire the artists that go to DA. I also played tennis growing up but I sprained my ankle so I could not dance anymore. I also wanted to play piano when I grew up, but my parents could not afford it. My sister had guitars and I always wanted to play music with them. 

Artisan: How long have you been working here at DA?  
Penzera: Since 2010. 

Artisan: Do you have a favorite movie or TV show? 
Penzera: Yes! “Carole Bernett” was very funny to me. I think she had great timing and she makes people laugh, it’s a stress reliever. And “I Love Lucy” was very funny with her physical mannerisms. 

Artisan: Do you have a favorite color? 
Penzera: Not really, I like them all! It depends on my mood. 

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