Support Staff Spotlight: Otis Johnson

Maddie Morton

Staff Writer

Every other week, we will sit down with some of our amazing support staff and get to know them more. If you were unaware, our support staff that will be featured in this bi-weekly piece will be our Custodial staff, Security workers, Front desk, Behind the scenes/Student activities, and our Lunchroom operators. Be sure to check in every other week to get to know the staff members that do so much for us and our school.

For this week’s bi-weekly support staff spotlight, we have Otis Johnson. Otis Johnson works in our Security Detail!

Otis Johnson, Security Detail

The Artisan: Have you always lived in Jacksonville?
Johnson: Yes, I’ve mostly lived here

Artisan: Where were you born and raised?
Johnson: I was born in Georgia

Artisan: Are there any arts areas that we offer here at DA, that you enjoy yourself?
Johnson: I like to listen to jazz music

Artisan: How long have you been working here at DA?
Johnson: Four and ½ years

Artisan: What do you do in your free time?
Johnson: A little bit of everything, Watching TV, play sports, go fishing and go bowling but it depends on the day.

Artisan: What is your favorite movie?
Johnson: Die hard!

Artisan: What are some of your favorite foods?
Johnson: Oh, Jamaican food, Curry Chicken, Stew Chicken and Ox tails

In our next week, we will feature the lovely Susana E. Juarez who works in Admissions!

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