Support Staff Spotlight: Cade Jenkins

Maddie Morton

Staff Writer

Welcome to the Support Staff Spotlight!

Every other week, we will sit down with some of our amazing support staff and get to know them better. Those featured in each bi-weekly piece include staff in Custodial Services, Security, Front Desk, Behind the scenes/Student Activities, and our Cafeteria. Be sure to check-in every other week to meet the staff members who do so much for us and our school.

For this week’s bi-weekly support staff spotlight, we have our loved Cade Jenkins, Jenkins works in Security!

Cade Jenkins, Security

The Artisan: Have you always lived in Jacksonville?
Jenkins: I’m originally from Jacksonville, born and raised. I left Jacksonville in 1997 to join the military, I came back in 2014 when I was stationed at the Mayport Naval Base.

Artisan: What are your favorite hobbies outside of work?
Jenkins: It’s not really a hobby, but I love hanging out with my nine-year-old, I love hanging out with him and he has hobbies.

Artisan: How long have you been working here at DA?
Jenkins: For about 3 months

Artisan: Are there any arts areas that we offer here at DA that you enjoy yourself? What was your art area?
Jenkins: Actually, all of the art areas, being a graduate from here in 1989, it has just gotten better, everything has improved. My art area was dance.

Artisan: You are a veteran, what branch of the military did you serve in, and for how long?
Jenkins: I served in the Navy for 20 years as a GM1 (SW/AW)

Artisan: What years did you serve in the military and where were you stationed?
Jenkins: I joined in 1997 and I lived in Rota, Spain for 4 years, so I got to travel all of Europe. I was stationed in Bahrain, so I got to go to Kuwait in the Middle East and places like that. I was stationed in Hawaii for three years. I lived in Maryland and Great Lakes. I was stationed in San Diego and California on three ships.

Artisan: Where did you go to bootcamp?
Jenkins: Great Lakes, Illinois

Artisan: What did the military teach you that you still use in your everyday life?
Jenkins: Wow, definitely discipline.

Artisan: Why did you join the military?
Jenkins: Um, well I had bad friends, it seemed like I wasn’t really going anywhere. I needed a better outlook.

Artisan: Is there anything you experienced in the military that has benefited you/greatly impacted your life?
Jenkins: The friends that I made and still keep in touch with today and being able to travel, I can’t sit here right now and say that I would like to go to Thailand to visit for a week. I got the opportunity to travel on top of having to work to get there. Getting to go to different countries and being able to say I’ve been to Hawaii 12 times, being able to say I’ve been to Europe and all of those different countries. Sitting here, you know I’ve got to pay 2,000 dollars for a plane ticket, and I got to do it all pretty much for free!

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