Lourdes Gee

The Artisan: What was a highlight of either high school or college?

Gee: When I was in high school, I took a child development class. Even as young as fifteen, I’ve always known I wanted children. And there was an exercise that we did, where we had to pick a random gender out of a hat, and I’d chosen a boy. And now, I have three girls and one boy, and he came last.

The Artisan: What do you enjoy most about Douglas Anderson?

Gee: Just leaving this building, and seeing students singing songs and supporting each other all over the school. I look at this environment, and I really think this is my place. I really love these conversations, it’s so exciting to see the students’ growth. I enjoy doing all that I can to help you guys, I like to move mountains if I can. There’s nothing like seeing you excited and dedicated, moving towards your future.

The Artisan: What would you say brought you to Douglas Anderson?

Gee: Ms. Wilson actually gave me a call, telling me about the position. I know her heart, so I trusted her call on the matter. She was telling me about her experience working here, and we have similar working styles. I’m really glad everything worked out with this position. Being a part of this team is like coming home to something, and we all work so well together. There is no sense of competition, you could even call us a family.

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