Tina Wilson

Tina Wilson, principal, graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts as a Vocal major.

The Artisan: I know that your experience as Douglas Anderson principal has been so frantic, but how does it feel to fill a permanent position at the school?

Wilson: It’s definitely exciting when you have the opportunity to be the principal of the school you graduated from! It’s actually a funny story, I was never an interim principal, being that I signed an annual contract. But the interviewing process went so quickly, and everyone wanted to be sure. There was angst about the short time frame, but I was confident in knowing I was a strong candidate.

The Artisan: What would you say brought you back to Douglas Anderson?

Wilson: Establishing a strong connection and love for the arts is a reason that one would want to come back to Douglas Anderson, and to be sure that that new students have those same experiences. It’s truly amazing to facilitate the growth and blossoming of the students here; it was an entirely different environment when I came here, and watching that develop has been exciting as well. With the expansion of the environment has come so much more opportunity, and I love to see what students do with that opportunity.

The Artisan: Do you have a favorite musical artist? If so, who?

Wilson: Oh my, I just hate this question. I’ve never honed in on saying one person is my favorite. I enjoy every genre, every kind of artist, I can hardly choose! I like most artists, I like when people have the confidence and freedom to be themselves, not a carbon copy.

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