Brenda Butler

The Artisan: What brought you to DA?

Butler: I retired last year, and then I decided to come back to the school system. I had a really good interview here, and I wanted to work with a smarter, different set of kids. I used to work in a bad school. I love working at different schools.

The Artisan: What is your favorite part of the job?

Butler: To see the kids smile, to make sure I’m doing my job to keep the kids safe.

The Artisan: What’s the hardest part?

Butler: The hardest part is leaving at the end of the day.

The Artisan: Why did you decide to dye your hair?

Butler: I love different colored hair. And the kids have it here, I’m just so excited!

The Artisan: What’s your favorite animal? And would you be that animal?

Butler: I don’t like dogs, I don’t like cats. I like rabbits. Yes, I’d hop hop hop!

The Artisan: What’s your weirdest pair of socks?

Butler: I have some socks with apples, red and green apples. They’re long, they come all the way to my knees

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