Cathy Titus

The Artisan: What brought you to DA?

Titus: I have an appreciation for the arts. I appreciate the uniqueness of the students and that they get to pursue their interests. I also appreciate that there’s no sports team, so I don’t have to pretend to like football.

The Artisan: How would you describe your teaching style?

Titus: Hmm…I want to say laid back but do your stuff. I’m not going to hound you to do your work, but I expect you to do your work and do it well. I’ll just say supportive with high expectations. But I’m always willing to help a student if they need it.

The Artisan: What do you hope to accomplish for the DA community?

Titus: Oh, wow I wasn’t expecting these questions to be so introspective! But I’d say I want to prepare students for college. I used to teach college students, so I know what they need to be prepared for it. I want to support them on their pursuit for college or whatever they end up doing in the future.

The Artisan: And finally, this question shouldn’t be too hard, what’s your favorite Disney movie?

Titus: Oh, that’s the hardest one so far! Does Pixar count? Wreck It Ralph. It’s between that and Inside Out.

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