Kerry Burke-McCloud

The Artisan: What brought you to DA?

Burke-McCloud: Ever since 2017, I taught at Englewood High School, and it’s a very different population. It’s a Title 1 school, so a lot of students are on free reduced lunch, or they have a lot of reading deficits. And I did well with those students. They learned, they liked me, but I felt a little like I wanted something different. I wanted a different challenge, and I feel like teaching at DA is a different challenge because it’s a different demographic. Everybody is an artist, and so, there are a lot of varying factors to take into a consideration when you’re teaching.

The Artisan: Which art do you enjoy?

Burke-McCloud: In terms of doing, I love acting. I haven’t acted for a couple of years now since the pandemic started, but I’m really hoping to get back into it once things calm down officially. And in terms of taking in, I love seeing performances. I love watching plays. I love watching musicals. I love going to art exhibits. If they’re there, I love to see them. In terms of musical performances, like symphony and orchestra, I kind of like it all. I think there are some I enjoy a little more than others because I understand where they’re coming from. Music tends to be a little more abstract, so it can be harder to enjoy when it’s solely music. But overall, I like all of it.

The Artisan: If you could be an animal, which would you be and why?

Burke-McCloud: I would be an otter because I love how much energy they have. And fun fact, otters have to eat about, I think, 60% of their body weight every day to live because they expend so much energy. They’re always warm because their fur is so thick, and they can just swim easily. Plus, I get to eat fish and seafood and clams, like, all day. Like, who wouldn’t want that? I love seafood and shellfish!

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