Natalia Hyder

The Artisan: What was your first impression of Douglas Anderson?

Hyder: I was very impressed with the facilities and especially the student body. Just to see how polite and focused everyone was in their arts areas. It was very impressive to see the environment.

The Artisan: How would you describe your connection to Douglas Anderson so far?

Hyder: It’s a very new experience. That’s the best I would describe it, since I haven’t been here very long and I don’t know how that’ll change. I wish I had gone to a high school like this, an arts high school but there weren’t any opportunities where I lived. I would say that it’s a lot of work that is demanded of you because the students do so much. With all the arts areas and students and everything, there’s so much to support. It’s a lot of problem solving.

The Artisan: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Hyder: I love seeing how hard students work, how they progress and focus. Everyone’s so focused in their arts and determined, but also in their core classes. I just love stepping into a classroom for a minute and seeing all of them work so hard. It makes me happy to see them work so hard.

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