Deja Gee

The Artisan: What made you want to take on the yearbook role?

Gee: I wanted to help out Ms. Damiani and just help out in any way I could. I was also on the yearbook staff during high school so I already have knowledge of this stuff and a relationship with yearbook.

The Artisan: How’s [yearbook] been going so far?

Gee: Pretty good, we’re getting a foundation and eventually I’ll let the [yearbook] staff loose. We have an awesome senior staff who I like to call “The Dream Team” and they’ll help guide the new staff members. We have 23 staff members in all this year which is a lot compared to only 14 last year…

The Artisan: What’s it like teaching at a school you used to attend?

Gee: It’s weird. Even though it’s my third year teaching here and with my ID on I’ll still get asked if I’m a student. But it’s cool at the same time, I can see how the school has changed and nurture the coming arts and be a part of that change. I don’t know, I love my job.

The Artisan: if you could be any object what would you be and why?

Gee: I would probably be a watermelon dish. You know those dishes that are shaped like fruit? Like a watermelon one of those so I could hold trinkets and look cute like a watermelon.

The Artisan: what’s the weirdest piece of clothing you own?

Gee: I have a collection of monster T-shirts, it’s from the Bad Guys Club and the artist is a guy named Craig Gleeson. It’s a series of funky retro T-shirts that have different monsters on them.

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