Lisa Giacchetto

Lisa Giacchetto, bookkeeper, graduated from Notre Dame High School.

The Artisan: How would you describe what you do as bookkeeper in one phrase or sentence?

Giacchetto: “Anything that needs doing.” I support teachers and admin in following DCPS policy regarding any funding. So… money.

The Artisan: What brought you to DA as opposed to any other school?

Giacchetto: Well, I had two children graduate from here, as vocalists. They graduated in 2012 and 2013…and I also currently have two kids here right now, in cinematic arts and visual arts, that will graduate in 2023 and 2026.

The Artisan: What makes DA unique from other schools for you and your role here?

Giacchetto: The students here are very focused on their arts areas… They’re also very academically talented. And I went to an all-girls Catholic school, so it’s quite different here.

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