Paul Denayer

Paul Denayer, technical theatre teacher, graduated from Los Gatos High School in California

The Artisan: What brought you to DA?

Denayer: I originally worked in sound for TV, back in California. Eventually I went back into theatre and did my undergrad at USF, then got a Master’s in lighting and sound design at Kent State, and I soon discovered I enjoyed teaching. I taught college for about 15 years, and knew Mr. Kemper, who was looking for teachers here recently. I took the opportunity when he asked me about it, since I knew of DA already and had some connections to people here, and I came here to teach.

The Artisan: How, in one phrase or sentence, would you describe your department here?

Denayer: Well, I can give you the funny answer… “We take one type of wood, and make it look like a different type of wood.” But for something more serious, I suppose I’d call it the “practical side of visual arts”. Everything we do for the theater is used physically… it has to be able to hold people up, be used on the stage, and so on.
The Artisan: What are the best and most challenging aspects of teaching at DA for you?

Denayer: I’d say the best thing is definitely our students. The DA community. The students here are very talented, the community is just… the best thing. I’ve taught all over the place. As for the most challenging…probably having to balance academics and art for the students in my teaching here.

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