Yolanda Henry

Yolanda Henry, lunch lady, Graduated from Forest High School

The Artisan: How would you describe your interactions with students as a lunch lady?

Henry: I love it, and they love me too. I interact with them well. I like getting to know them.

The Artisan: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Henry: What is it? Are you talking about in general? I don’t like to be aggravated. What aggravates me? When people constantly call my name.

The Artisan: What is something you like to do outside of school?

Henry: I do quite a bit of stuff with my son; build Legos. That’s about the main thing. Build Legos. I’m serious, I have a house full of Legos, and trains. It’s a fun life, not when you step on them though. When you have kids, you’ll understand.

The Artisan: What is your son like?

Henry: He is smart, I ain’t going to say he’s outgoing, he’s shy. He’s intelligent; he knows a lot to be seven years old.

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