Senior Hobbies

By Alisa Chamberlain

This is the first in a reoccurring series featuring DA seniors and their artistic hobbies outside school.

Brooke Little is a senior Musical Theatre student who enjoys poetry and songwriting.

While Little is able to sing and act at school, she enjoys writing her own music at home. Her process contains both singing and playing the guitar. She also wants to improve her piano knowledge, but she enjoys her current process too: “I’m getting better at guitar, I think [it’s] the easiest to write songs on so I’ll play whatever feels right. I’ll put it into words that make sense for the song.”

This hasn’t been a recent development, either.

“Music has always been my passion before anything else,” Little said. “Using music to express how I feel has been very therapeutic and a way to express feelings more passionate than you can express with words.”

She is also inspired by many friends and enjoys writing songs particularly at emotional moments in life.

As for poetry, Little has not experimented with it as much—it’s more personal than songs and she hasn’t shared it as much as her songwriting.

“But that would be cool!” Little said.

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