Students balance safety and arts in DHR decision

When Duval County Public Schools students returned to class in August, they had to choose between attending classes on campus two days a week and virtually the other three, known as hybrid learning, or completely online through the new Duval HomeRoom program. Regardless of which option students chose, many Douglas Anderson students ended up with fewer arts area classes than they expected. Continue reading Students balance safety and arts in DHR decision

Love Letters: Britney Garibay and Frida Kahlo

We began our conversation with Frida Kahlo’s unibrow: a trait that has brought her both admiration and scorn. As a prominent feature of her face, it is also sometimes considered a prominent feature of Kahlo’s body of work, which includes a number of self-portraits exploring the many facets of her personal identity. Continue reading Love Letters: Britney Garibay and Frida Kahlo

Sarah Ermold

Sarah Ermold is a junior creative writer at Douglas Anderson and a first year staff writer for The Artisan news magazine. Sarah has been interested in journalism because it allows her to learn about the world and the people around her in a special way. Her favorite form of writing is fiction, Sarah finds enjoyment in creating unique characters and settings. One of her other … Continue reading Sarah Ermold

Hannah Wehrung

Hannah Wehrung (pronounced Weh-rung, Where-ung, Wearing, or anything of a similar sort) is a senior in Creative Writing and the Editor-in-chief of The Artisan news magazine. Before becoming Editor-in-chief, Hannah was The Artisan’s Social Media Manager. This is her second year on staff. Outside of the newsroom, Hannah is a co-founder and editor of Round Robin, and a staff writer and editor for Second Revolution … Continue reading Hannah Wehrung