Karen Cohen

The Artisan: What kind of music do you listen to? Cohen: Gospel. The Artisan: What made you want to be a healthcare worker? Cohen: I like interacting with the kids because I’ve been doing this all my life. Working with children. I’m a nurturer. The Artisan: What has been the most interesting thing about your time here so far? Cohen: Talking to the students, honestly. … Continue reading Karen Cohen

Natalia Hyder

The Artisan: What was your first impression of Douglas Anderson? Hyder: I was very impressed with the facilities and especially the student body. Just to see how polite and focused everyone was in their arts areas. It was very impressive to see the environment. The Artisan: How would you describe your connection to Douglas Anderson so far? Hyder: It’s a very new experience. That’s the … Continue reading Natalia Hyder

Tina Wilson

Tina Wilson, principal, graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts as a Vocal major. The Artisan: I know that your experience as Douglas Anderson principal has been so frantic, but how does it feel to fill a permanent position at the school? Wilson: It’s definitely exciting when you have the opportunity to be the principal of the school you graduated from! It’s actually a … Continue reading Tina Wilson