Chloe Pancho

Chloe Pancho is a Senior Creative Writer at Douglas Anderson and a first-year staff writer for The Artisan. Her appreciation for literature was sparked at a young age after reading popular young adult fantasy books such as Percy Jackson and the Twilight series. (which she is not ashamed to admit she still re-reads to this day).  As she got older, her taste in writing expanded much more, and she now enjoys reading and writing multiple … Continue reading Chloe Pancho

Cassie Young

Cassandra, or Cassie, Young is a Senior Creative Writing student at Douglas Anderson and first-year Staff Writer for The Artisan. Cassie enjoys journalism involving politics and ethics-based news.   While journalism holds a special place in her heart, Cassie also enjoys writing and analyzing poetry.  She is interested in pursuing a medical career within the bounds of becoming a surgeon. Cassie enjoys collaborating with other writers in hopes to … Continue reading Cassie Young

Alisa Chamberlain

Alisa Chamberlain is a junior creative writer starting their first year as copy editor of the Artisan staff! They are very excited to help out with the writing and publishing process and are especially interested in copy editing.   Less experienced in journalism, Alisa has a strong affinity for fiction, fantasy and the like. They currently work at Chuck E. Cheese’s and consider themselves a Helen Henny expert. … Continue reading Alisa Chamberlain

Madason Cornish

Madason Cornish is a junior creative writer at Douglas Anderson, and this is her first year as a staff member of the Artisan.   From a young age, Madason has developed an interest in journalism and subscribed to the New York Times Magazine. She has taken a journalism class before in middle school and is ready to work on a real newspaper.   Her favorite form of … Continue reading Madason Cornish

Casper Johnson

Casper Johnson is a junior in Creative Writing and a staff writer for The Artisan. They hope to be an animator or storyboard artist at Disney and push for more diversity in their animated shows. They’re a passionate storyteller, a fact easily recognizable when comparing their take on different genres. They’re also a very vocal disability advocate and psychology nerd.    In their free time, they … Continue reading Casper Johnson

Kota Locklear

Kota Locklear is a first-year junior Artisan staff member, creative writer, and disorganized Dungeon Master.  They specialize in fiction writing and creative non-fiction, along with opinion-piece journalism. Their love for opinion writing came from their love of having strong opinions.  Kota hopes to hold a future career in fiction-writing, and is particularly interested in fiction podcasts. They currently also work at Chuck E. Cheese and … Continue reading Kota Locklear

A starred review of Canada Geese

Behind my house, there’s a long field that becomes a pond after heavy rain, and a marsh a few days later. Ahead of it are two more retention ponds. This is effectively a gallery for Canada Geese. I’ve seen their graceful V’s in the sky and their elegant heads and necks, and I’ve seen the fragrant droppings over clumped grass that they leave behind in their honking wake. I sympathize both with the malicious image of the goose contained in Untitled Goose Game and the aspirational image in the Mary Oliver poem. Continue reading A starred review of Canada Geese

Music has positive impact on mental wellbeing

Across a globe of countries separated by oceans and borders, one of the rare, shared connections is art. It’s seen throughout history that art constantly draws people in because of its expressive nature. Between cultures it takes diverse shapes and methods. Today, one of the most widespread art forms is music. It’s easily accessible because of the radio and mobile apps like Spotify. Continue reading Music has positive impact on mental wellbeing