Why do we still root for the Jaguars?

On Dec. 8, 2019, as I watched Tyrod Taylor of the Los Angeles Chargers complete a 14-yard pass to Virgil Green, thereby giving us the downright embarrassing final score of 45-10, I wondered, “Why do I still root for this team?” Continue reading Why do we still root for the Jaguars?

A slow, careful roast

My first exposure to coffee was the harsh, bitter taste of decaf in the lobby of a Hilton Inn. I’d begged for it, after seeing how my mother constantly filtered through one more cup in the mornings, two splenda, and a slow pour of milk that just clouded up to the surface. Mom would drink more on these long road trips, in cups that weren’t good, but practical. Continue reading A slow, careful roast

Heroin chic: the infamous oxymoron

Lily Paternoster Coeditor-in-chief    A national glamorization of gaunt, drug-addicted models began in the early nineties under the name, “heroin chic.”    Characterized by extreme thinness, dark under-eye circles, angular facial structure, and pale skin, heroin chic pushed the boundaries of fashion photography to uncomfortable places. In a photoshoot for Vogue Magazine by Corinne Day, model-turned-photographer, young Kate Moss is seen draped in Christmas lights, … Continue reading Heroin chic: the infamous oxymoron

More than shy: how social anxiety can change your life

Dariana Alvarez Managing Editor I was only in preschool when I found out I was afraid of people. The teacher would call the roll and she’d notice I didn’t say my name and she’d ask if I was Dariana so I’d nod. I’d hoped that nobody would play with me afterwards. The teacher called this shyness, the Social Anxiety Institute, the only treatment center whose … Continue reading More than shy: how social anxiety can change your life