I Saw on Twitter…

Casper Johnson Staff Writer Maybe it’s not Twitter, maybe it’s Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. It doesn’t matter which platform someone might think of first. Whichever site, the question is just how often do people get information there. Probably more often than they’ll want to admit, but they aren’t alone.   According to Pew Research Center, a 2019 study found that 54% of adult Americans got their news “sometimes” or “often” from social media, with the most common source being … Continue reading I Saw on Twitter…

How COVID affects college admissions

Nadiyah Headen Staff Writer Since the pandemic began, countless things have been modified and changed to meet the needs of people from young to elderly. College admissions have undergone many changes, including some that current Douglas Anderson seniors may not be aware of.   Israel Haynes, a senior in Musical Theater at DA, is planning to attend Boston Conservatory at Berklee. He was only aware of the GPA … Continue reading How COVID affects college admissions

An inside look at The Artisan

Madason Cornish Staff Writer Since 1985, The Artisan has been a special part of the Douglas Anderson community. However, few know who’s responsible. You may have heard about the Artisan in the school halls or perhaps you have picked up a copy of the magazine at the newspaper boxes and read it yourself. But have you ever wondered who’s behind the Artisan?   The Artisan staff is made up of thirteen … Continue reading An inside look at The Artisan

Behind the scenes of Cartesian Carl

Sarah Ermold Editor-in-Chief If you’ve ever been in the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts math building, then you might have run into the Math Department’s Public Relations (PR) Coordinator, Cartesian Carl.  Cartesian Carl, pronounced kaar-tes-zhn, was brought into the Math Department during the Summer of 2019. Since then, math teachers, Kinsey Gulamali and Chris Allen-Black have personified Carl through PR outings and updates across their main social media … Continue reading Behind the scenes of Cartesian Carl

Principal Hammer bids DA goodbye

Sarah Ermold Editor-in-Chief Melanie Hammer has been a part of the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts community for the last seventeen years and has been the school’s principal since April of 2017.   Hammer started at DA as a math teacher after moving to Jacksonville from Atlanta, Ga., where she taught math at a dual magnet school. After being at the arts school in Atlanta, Hammer said she sort of gravitated to DA.   “This … Continue reading Principal Hammer bids DA goodbye

Students, teachers see value in schools teaching the history of 9/11

Kota Locklear Staff Writer Not one of the teenagers who walks the halls at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts has lived in a world where New York City’s Twin Towers existed. We don’t know what life was like before Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorist attacks brought down the World Trade Center, killing 2,977 people (this includes the attack on the Pentagon and passengers and … Continue reading Students, teachers see value in schools teaching the history of 9/11

A starred review of Canada Geese

Behind my house, there’s a long field that becomes a pond after heavy rain, and a marsh a few days later. Ahead of it are two more retention ponds. This is effectively a gallery for Canada Geese. I’ve seen their graceful V’s in the sky and their elegant heads and necks, and I’ve seen the fragrant droppings over clumped grass that they leave behind in their honking wake. I sympathize both with the malicious image of the goose contained in Untitled Goose Game and the aspirational image in the Mary Oliver poem. Continue reading A starred review of Canada Geese

Introducing Ms. Ward

Cameron Bäck Buisness Manager    As an intern at Terry Parker High School, Emily Ward sprung at the opportunity to teach at Douglas Anderson. With a full year under her belt, Ward has joined the English department, teaching both Freshmen and Seniors alike.    “DA offered me a job halfway through my year at Terry Parker and it was the best job available. I’ve come … Continue reading Introducing Ms. Ward