Is Florida’s weather special?

How many times I have seen another tropical storm, another hurricane, another tornado, and thought, how could this all be one state? If my sister’s apartment is flooding in Tallahassee, and the winds knock away a signpost, and carry it into my friend’s car, how could I be untouched in Jacksonville? Continue reading Is Florida’s weather special?

A starred review of Canada Geese

Behind my house, there’s a long field that becomes a pond after heavy rain, and a marsh a few days later. Ahead of it are two more retention ponds. This is effectively a gallery for Canada Geese. I’ve seen their graceful V’s in the sky and their elegant heads and necks, and I’ve seen the fragrant droppings over clumped grass that they leave behind in their honking wake. I sympathize both with the malicious image of the goose contained in Untitled Goose Game and the aspirational image in the Mary Oliver poem. Continue reading A starred review of Canada Geese

Introducing Ms. Ward

Cameron Bäck Buisness Manager    As an intern at Terry Parker High School, Emily Ward sprung at the opportunity to teach at Douglas Anderson. With a full year under her belt, Ward has joined the English department, teaching both Freshmen and Seniors alike.    “DA offered me a job halfway through my year at Terry Parker and it was the best job available. I’ve come … Continue reading Introducing Ms. Ward

Goodbye after 24 years to Alyce Walkcavich

Harleigh Murray  Managing Editor  At the beginning of the school day on September 28, Nickelback’s song “Photograph,” played on the school speakers in dedication to Alyce Walkcavich, a visual arts teacher of 24 years at Douglas Anderson (DA).  Visual art students and DA faculty alike wore black and white, the colors of a Dalmatian, Walkcavich’s favorite animal to support during her last day at the school.  … Continue reading Goodbye after 24 years to Alyce Walkcavich

The Frog Man brings art to the Mandarin community

Harleigh Murray Managing Editor Deep in Mandarin three years ago on April Fool’s Day, the first cement frog appeared on a stump near the Mandarin Museum Historical Society (MMHS). From then on, the frogs began to appear in random places around Mandarin; found on stumps, street corners, and anywhere they could rest easily. Slowly, the community began to notice these eight pound frogs whose origins … Continue reading The Frog Man brings art to the Mandarin community

Operant conditioning’s role in the school system

Lily Stanton Staff Writer Operant Conditioning is a method of learning observed by American Psychologist, B.F. Skinner, referring to the actions and reactions of rats held in captivity. This observational study has many ties to the American school system’s way of teaching. Skinner’s study concluded that continuous reinforcement of a specific repeated actions would result in a robotic and instinctual repetition of said action in … Continue reading Operant conditioning’s role in the school system

Douglas Anderson students fight war on plastic straws

Shay Porter Digital Editor This past year, Douglas Anderson students among large companies such as Starbucks and Disney have joined the fight against plastic straws. This movement is part of an effort to reduce the amount of plastic going into oceans and landfills worldwide. If the world continues to produce plastic at the predicted rate, plastic in the ocean will outweigh the fish by the … Continue reading Douglas Anderson students fight war on plastic straws

Only at DA: Look at that hair!

Thaiyana Pittman Staff Writer What happens when students are given the opportunity to fully express themselves? Well, if you look around at the student body of Douglas Anderson (DA), you will see exactly what happens. Hair is a visual representation of who one is. It can represent what they stand for, or work as a way to showcase maturity in making decisions on their own. … Continue reading Only at DA: Look at that hair!