Students, teachers see value in schools teaching the history of 9/11

Kota Locklear Staff Writer Not one of the teenagers who walks the halls at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts has lived in a world where New York City’s Twin Towers existed. We don’t know what life was like before Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorist attacks brought down the World Trade Center, killing 2,977 people (this includes the attack on the Pentagon and passengers and … Continue reading Students, teachers see value in schools teaching the history of 9/11

Is Florida’s weather special?

How many times I have seen another tropical storm, another hurricane, another tornado, and thought, how could this all be one state? If my sister’s apartment is flooding in Tallahassee, and the winds knock away a signpost, and carry it into my friend’s car, how could I be untouched in Jacksonville? Continue reading Is Florida’s weather special?

A starred review of Canada Geese

Behind my house, there’s a long field that becomes a pond after heavy rain, and a marsh a few days later. Ahead of it are two more retention ponds. This is effectively a gallery for Canada Geese. I’ve seen their graceful V’s in the sky and their elegant heads and necks, and I’ve seen the fragrant droppings over clumped grass that they leave behind in their honking wake. I sympathize both with the malicious image of the goose contained in Untitled Goose Game and the aspirational image in the Mary Oliver poem. Continue reading A starred review of Canada Geese

Music has positive impact on mental wellbeing

Across a globe of countries separated by oceans and borders, one of the rare, shared connections is art. It’s seen throughout history that art constantly draws people in because of its expressive nature. Between cultures it takes diverse shapes and methods. Today, one of the most widespread art forms is music. It’s easily accessible because of the radio and mobile apps like Spotify. Continue reading Music has positive impact on mental wellbeing

Love Letters: Britney Garibay and Frida Kahlo

We began our conversation with Frida Kahlo’s unibrow: a trait that has brought her both admiration and scorn. As a prominent feature of her face, it is also sometimes considered a prominent feature of Kahlo’s body of work, which includes a number of self-portraits exploring the many facets of her personal identity. Continue reading Love Letters: Britney Garibay and Frida Kahlo

Introducing Ms. Ward

Cameron Bäck Buisness Manager    As an intern at Terry Parker High School, Emily Ward sprung at the opportunity to teach at Douglas Anderson. With a full year under her belt, Ward has joined the English department, teaching both Freshmen and Seniors alike.    “DA offered me a job halfway through my year at Terry Parker and it was the best job available. I’ve come … Continue reading Introducing Ms. Ward

The shift in school start times

Natalie Dixon Contributing Writer    Every high school student has been in this situation: homework in one hand, coffee in the other, racing to the bus or car only to arrive late to first period.    A large number of students, parents, and administrators don’t blame careless adolescents or early morning traffic for frequent and numerous tardies, but instead look at the starting time for … Continue reading The shift in school start times

Veteran educators see no need for special celebration

Kevin Kraft Contributing Writer Rhonda Stampalia is a Dance teacher at Douglas Anderson, and she is coming up on her 30th consecutive year of teaching here. But you wouldn’t know it if you didn’t ask. Despite this milestone, she won’t be having any elaborate or special celebrations. She’ll be celebrating this year the exact same way she celebrates the end of every other year: with … Continue reading Veteran educators see no need for special celebration

The Frog Man

Harleigh Murray Coeditor-in-Chief    Deep in Mandarin three years ago on April Fool’s Day, the first cement frog appeared on a stump near the Mandarin Museum Historical Society (MMHS). From then on, the frogs began to appear in random places around Mandarin; found on stumps, street corners, and anywhere they could rest easily. Slowly, the community began to notice these eight pound frogs whose origins … Continue reading The Frog Man