I Saw on Twitter…

Casper Johnson Staff Writer Maybe it’s not Twitter, maybe it’s Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. It doesn’t matter which platform someone might think of first. Whichever site, the question is just how often do people get information there. Probably more often than they’ll want to admit, but they aren’t alone.   According to Pew Research Center, a 2019 study found that 54% of adult Americans got their news “sometimes” or “often” from social media, with the most common source being … Continue reading I Saw on Twitter…

The Goldfinch: A Conversation About Bad Art

Hannah WehrungSocial Media Editor Sooner or later, every person producing art is forced to develop a relationship with the reject pile: the “bad” pieces and “bad” performances that live on in the heart and mind in a different way. When generating art on an academic schedule, that confrontation doesn’t dawdle, and whichever way we come to assess and appreciate our work colors daily life with … Continue reading The Goldfinch: A Conversation About Bad Art

NCAA and Its Billions

Gianni LiberoPhotography Editor Sports are a huge part of college life an have grown to be extremely profitable. Despite their demand for a students time and energy, college sports often don’t help with the high cost of college. Also these same students, struggling to pay for college as it is, don’t even have the time to study for college. Being a college student be begin … Continue reading NCAA and Its Billions

The Problem with Short-Term Missions Trips and How to Solve It

Dariana AlvarezManaging Editor If someone attends an Evangelical church, chances are that their church plans to have a mission’s trip that year. Though these trips can spark servitude in a devout Christian, short-term global mission’s trips have sparked arguments on its effectiveness. Most short-term global missions are annual trips that churches have to help those in third-world countries. Many churches do these trips because of … Continue reading The Problem with Short-Term Missions Trips and How to Solve It