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The Artisan Staff 2021-2022

Back Row (left to right): Chloe PanchoStaff Writer Casper JohnsonStaff Writer Maddie MortonStaff Writer Abigail GowerWeb Editor Sarah ErmoldEditor-in-Chief Alisa ChamberlainCopy Editor Front Row (left to right): Mia ParolaSocial Media Editor Madason CornishStaff Writer Kota LocklearStaff Writer Hollis AckissLayout and Design Editor Nadiyah HeadenStaff Writer Cassandra YoungStaff Writer Not Pictured: Maeve CoughlinPhotographer Continue reading The Artisan Staff 2021-2022

Sarah Ermold

Sarah Ermold is a senior creative writer at Douglas Anderson. As Editor-in-Chief, she is excited for her second year on the staff, where she was previously a staff writer.  Her interest in journalism has allowed her to interview arts directors, students, teachers, and faculty.       Her favorite forms of writing include poetry and fiction. Sarah enjoys each form through the creation of characters and setting.       Outside of school, Sarah takes piano lessons at a local music school. Sarah plans to attend … Continue reading Sarah Ermold

Abigail Gower

Abigail, or Abby, Gower is a senior creative writer at Douglas Anderson. This is her second year on the Artisan news magazine staff, where she is currently the web editor. Abby enjoys reading and writing fiction, but journalism will always have a special place in her life because of her interest in research and interviewing. Being on the Artisan staff has allowed Abby to have a deeper … Continue reading Abigail Gower

Mia Parola

Mia Parola is a senior creative writer and second-year staff member of The Artisan, where she is currently the Social Media Editor. Her adoration for journalism is fueled by a love for sharing information and connecting with her DA community. She’s been intrigued by journalism ever since her she started following current events in middle school, but some of her newer interests include poetry, scuba diving, and wandering through antique shoppe aisles for hours.  On weekends, Mia is … Continue reading Mia Parola

Nadiyah Headen

Nadiyah Headen is a senior staff writer in the Creative Writing Department at DA.    She’s been writing since 4th grade. She writes poems and stories, but her favorite form of writing is poetry. She takes after her mom and grandfather when it comes to writing. Her mother writes poetry and her grandfather writes books.  When she grows up, she wants to go to UNF to study psychology. She also plans to get her doctorate degree in psychology so she can become a psychotherapist. She … Continue reading Nadiyah Headen

Maddie Morton

Maddie Morton is a senior Creative Writer at Douglas Anderson. Her favorite form of writing is poetry. She transferred to DA halfway through her sophomore year. It was a difficult transition, but the creative writing department gave her a sense of belonging. This year as an Artisan staff member, she is most excited to be more involved with the creative process and to interact with the student body.   Some things Maddie … Continue reading Maddie Morton

Chloe Pancho

Chloe Pancho is a Senior Creative Writer at Douglas Anderson and a first-year staff writer for The Artisan. Her appreciation for literature was sparked at a young age after reading popular young adult fantasy books such as Percy Jackson and the Twilight series. (which she is not ashamed to admit she still re-reads to this day).  As she got older, her taste in writing expanded much more, and she now enjoys reading and writing multiple … Continue reading Chloe Pancho

Cassie Young

Cassandra, or Cassie, Young is a Senior Creative Writing student at Douglas Anderson and first-year Staff Writer for The Artisan. Cassie enjoys journalism involving politics and ethics-based news.   While journalism holds a special place in her heart, Cassie also enjoys writing and analyzing poetry.  She is interested in pursuing a medical career within the bounds of becoming a surgeon. Cassie enjoys collaborating with other writers in hopes to … Continue reading Cassie Young

Alisa Chamberlain

Alisa Chamberlain is a junior creative writer starting their first year as copy editor of the Artisan staff! They are very excited to help out with the writing and publishing process and are especially interested in copy editing.   Less experienced in journalism, Alisa has a strong affinity for fiction, fantasy and the like. They currently work at Chuck E. Cheese’s and consider themselves a Helen Henny expert. … Continue reading Alisa Chamberlain