Sarah Ermold

Sarah Ermold is a junior creative writer at Douglas Anderson and a first year staff writer for The Artisan news magazine. Sarah has been interested in journalism because it allows her to learn about the world and the people around her in a special way. Her favorite form of writing is fiction, Sarah finds enjoyment in creating unique characters and settings. One of her other … Continue reading Sarah Ermold

Hannah Wehrung

Hannah Wehrung (pronounced Weh-rung, Where-ung, Wearing, or anything of a similar sort) is a senior in Creative Writing and the Editor-in-chief of The Artisan news magazine. Before becoming Editor-in-chief, Hannah was The Artisan’s Social Media Manager. This is her second year on staff. Outside of the newsroom, Hannah is a co-founder and editor of Round Robin, and a staff writer and editor for Second Revolution … Continue reading Hannah Wehrung

Summer Carrier

Summer Carrier is a creative writing senior and second year staff member on The Artisan. This year, Summer is heading the position of managing editor, co-social media editor, and the project to digitalize old copies of DA’s newspaper (To 1985! Oh my!). Summer appreciates all kinds of writing indiscriminately, but journalism has a special place in her heart, especially because of her frustrations with how … Continue reading Summer Carrier