Madason Cornish

Madason Cornish is a junior creative writer at Douglas Anderson, and this is her first year as a staff member of the Artisan.   From a young age, Madason has developed an interest in journalism and subscribed to the New York Times Magazine. She has taken a journalism class before in middle school and is ready to work on a real newspaper.   Her favorite form of … Continue reading Madason Cornish

Casper Johnson

Casper Johnson is a junior in Creative Writing and a staff writer for The Artisan. They hope to be an animator or storyboard artist at Disney and push for more diversity in their animated shows. They’re a passionate storyteller, a fact easily recognizable when comparing their take on different genres. They’re also a very vocal disability advocate and psychology nerd.    In their free time, they … Continue reading Casper Johnson

Kota Locklear

Kota Locklear is a first-year junior Artisan staff member, creative writer, and disorganized Dungeon Master.  They specialize in fiction writing and creative non-fiction, along with opinion-piece journalism. Their love for opinion writing came from their love of having strong opinions.  Kota hopes to hold a future career in fiction-writing, and is particularly interested in fiction podcasts. They currently also work at Chuck E. Cheese and … Continue reading Kota Locklear