Support Staff Spotlight: Joan Penzera

Maddie Morton Staff Writer Every other week, we will sit down with some of our amazing support staff and get to know them more. If you were unaware, our support staff that will be featured in this bi-weekly piece will be our Custodial staff, Security workers, Front desk, Behind the scenes/Student activities, and our Lunchroom operators. Be sure to check in every other week to get … Continue reading Support Staff Spotlight: Joan Penzera

An inside look at The Artisan

Madason Cornish Staff Writer Since 1985, The Artisan has been a special part of the Douglas Anderson community. However, few know who’s responsible. You may have heard about the Artisan in the school halls or perhaps you have picked up a copy of the magazine at the newspaper boxes and read it yourself. But have you ever wondered who’s behind the Artisan?   The Artisan staff is made up of thirteen … Continue reading An inside look at The Artisan

Only at DA: Look at that hair!

Thaiyana Pittman Staff Writer What happens when students are given the opportunity to fully express themselves? Well, if you look around at the student body of Douglas Anderson (DA), you will see exactly what happens. Hair is a visual representation of who one is. It can represent what they stand for, or work as a way to showcase maturity in making decisions on their own. … Continue reading Only at DA: Look at that hair!