Changing information caused student uncertainty in school scheduling

Ever since plans for students to return to class were unveiled in June, Duval County Public Schools students and faculty have faced issues and misunderstandings regarding the Duval HomeRoom and Hybrid learning plans. Continue reading Changing information caused student uncertainty in school scheduling

Sarah Ermold

Sarah Ermold is a junior creative writer at Douglas Anderson and a first year staff writer for The Artisan news magazine. Sarah has been interested in journalism because it allows her to learn about the world and the people around her in a special way. Her favorite form of writing is fiction, Sarah finds enjoyment in creating unique characters and settings. One of her other … Continue reading Sarah Ermold

Hannah Wehrung

Hannah Wehrung (pronounced Weh-rung, Where-ung, Wearing, or anything of a similar sort) is a senior in Creative Writing and the Editor-in-chief of The Artisan news magazine. Before becoming Editor-in-chief, Hannah was The Artisan’s Social Media Manager. This is her second year on staff. Outside of the newsroom, Hannah is a co-founder and editor of Round Robin, and a staff writer and editor for Second Revolution … Continue reading Hannah Wehrung

Summer Carrier

Summer Carrier is a creative writing senior and second year staff member on The Artisan. This year, Summer is heading the position of managing editor, co-social media editor, and the project to digitalize old copies of DA’s newspaper (To 1985! Oh my!). Summer appreciates all kinds of writing indiscriminately, but journalism has a special place in her heart, especially because of her frustrations with how … Continue reading Summer Carrier

Side Effect of Online School:Procrastination

By Anna Lopez, Staff Artist In an effort to keep students and faculty safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida schools have been conducted virtually since mid-March.  A concern among educators and parents alike is that with this digital method of learning, students will lose motivation for school. In short, that students will procrastinate more. In an April poll on The Artisan’s Instagram story, 77 percent … Continue reading Side Effect of Online School:Procrastination

Digital Learning Life: Effects on Students, Teachers

By Summer Carrier Staff Writer How people, students and teachers alike, are adapting to the technology required for online public education varies greatly. There have been significant issues for students, including technical frustrations.  “I’ve had work get deleted multiple times on Teams… it’s also bothersome to check in with eight different teachers every day,” said Brooks Davenport, a junior in Technical Theatre. For others, it’s … Continue reading Digital Learning Life: Effects on Students, Teachers

Students relieved high stakes tests cancelled

By Dariana Alvarez Managing Editor   In late March, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) announced that standardized testing would be cancelled for all Florida students from kindergarten to 12th grade due to school closures amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These standardized tests include the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA), a high-stakes test for which students and teachers spend a significant amount of time preparing.    “Coronavirus’s effect on … Continue reading Students relieved high stakes tests cancelled