The Artisan

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts


staff photo.jpg
Top (left to right): Noah McGahagin, Jayleen Cerda, Destiny Reid, Keiona Wallace, Hanna Walters, Ben Shafer
Bottom (left to right): Savannah McLeod, Andrea Torres, Sierra Wise, Davie Hardesty, Molly Lantinberg, Haley Switzer

Destiny 1.jpg

Destiny Reid, senior, Co-Editor-In-Chief on The Artisan. She enjoys writing about all genres but poetry is always her go-to. On her free time, when she is not stuck at work, she watches anime, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and loses sleep with every binge-worthy episode.

Andrea 1.jpg

Andrea Torres, senior, is the Co-Editor-In-Chief on The Artisan. She loves the responsibility of informing the school population on what is occurring around them. In her free time, she loves to listen to musicals, stress over college applications, and debate when to stop doing homework. She has no clue whether or not she wants to major in Education or Journalism, but hopes to figure that out soon. She has a passion for poetry, and loves integrating her Hispanic culture into her art.

Jayleen 1.jpg

Jayleen Cerda, senior, is the Managing Editor of The Artisan Staff. She enjoys writing/studying poetry, drinking all kinds of coffee, and re-watching The X-Files for the billionth time. When she’s not crying about homework, she is usually hanging out with her six dogs and cat. She is always happy to actively learn about other perspectives through news stories.

Molly 2.jpg

Molly Lantinberg, junior, is the managing editor on The Artisan. She has a huge sweet tooth, often found curled up with a good book and some chocolate. While she’s never had a dog, she can’t resist petting any that cross her path.  She’s lived in Jacksonville her entire life, but loves to travel. Mourning Florida’s flatness, her favorite summer activity is hiking in Beavercreek, Colorado.  A total klutz, her goal for the year is to only fall down the stairs once…as well as make the newspaper its absolute best.

Haley 1.jpg

Haley Switzer, senior, is the Web Editor on The Artisan. She enjoys her Web Editor position on The Artisan newspaper after being a Staff Writer last school year. Journalism provides her with an opportunity to delve into her curiosity when conducting interviews and discovering the meaning behind campus-related and local issues. Even outside of school, she delves into her poetic, fiction, creative non-fiction, and journalistic writing ability. Haley also loves to help people overcome obstacles in life, which is another reason why she appreciates journalism. She looks forward to this school year and receiving feedback from The Artisan Print and Web readers.

Ben 2.jpg

Ben Shafer, junior, is Social Media Editor on The Artisan. His favorite writer is Stephen King, and enjoys writing fiction. Ben is also a visual artist, having taken classes in both arts areas. He enjoys journalism because it keeps him in touch with the rest of the school. His favorite movie genres range from musicals to horror movies, and his current obsession is The Phantom of the Opera. He loves muffins and Emma Stone, and wishes to one day take on Stephen King’s mantle as the dominant Horror Writer of the century.

Keiona 2.jpg

Keiona Wallace, junior, is Photo/Visuals Editor. Keiona likes using photographs that correspond with the articles. She loves fiction and Disney movies. Sometimes you can find her at your local Starbucks drinking a caramel frappe with chocolate chips. Most times she’s buried into her cell phone and trying to look at the little things in life. She’s very charismatic and shouldn’t be allowed too much sugar. She loves helping in anyway she can, making small things matter. Also she is a really big science nerd and plans to work in the field after graduation.

Sierra Mugshot (1).jpg

Sierra Wise, senior, is The Artisan’s Business Manager.


Savannah McLeod, senior, is also Business Manager on The Artisan. She holds a passion for both fiction and poetry. Her favorite activities include watching Gravity Falls, reading Ray Bradbury’s short stories, and walking through nature trails. In her spare time, she has participated in school events such as Coffee House, been published in Elan, and attempted to save money working a part time job. Her plan is to work towards her masters in mental health counselling, studying creative fiction along the way. She became interested in writing for the school newspaper due to her ongoing interest in politics, the news, and human psychology. She hopes to learn more about how they interrelate, and what pertains to the interest of the people, or viewers, of local media.

Noah 2.jpg

Noah McGahagin, junior, is a Staff Writer for The Artisan. His interest in journalism stems from a natural curiosity and a desire to get out of his comfort zone. In his spare time Noah enjoys playing story driven games like Mass Effect, watching Tarantino movies, and incessantly worrying about upcoming assignments. He seems like a serious guy but in reality he’s a nervous wreck.

Hanna 2.jpg

Hanna Walters, junior, is a Staff Writer for The Artisan. She likes discovering new music and enjoys reading wherever she can, even at the dinner table. On weekends, she travels to St. Augustine, her goal is to sleep as much as possible and catch up on YouTube videos. She volunteers by walking dogs at no-kill rescue centers. Writing has always been her passion and she used to make little daily newspapers based on Scooby Doo movies. Later on in life, she wants to earn enough money to help her family out of debt while also allowing her to travel often.

Davie 1.jpg

Davie Hardesty, junior, is a Staff Writer on The Artisan. She is new to The Artisan this year and is a major in vocal. She likes journalism because this is what she wants her career to be. She wants to major in English in college as books, reading, and writing are her passion. She enjoys going to the beach when she has time and doing yoga with family. She is very passionate about the world around her and talks a lot about the issues pressing the world around her.


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