The Artisan

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts


Top (left to right): Keiona Wallace, Harleigh Murray, Ben Shafer, Kendall Hazelwood
Bottom (left to right): Noah McGahagin, Jasmine King, Hanna Walters, Molly Lantinberg, Lily Paternoster


Molly Mug-p1c16r9m3uvij1jud1rqtb5l1cm6

Molly Lantinberg is the Editor-In-Chief of The Artisan. She has a huge sweet tooth, often found curled up with a good book and some chocolate. While she’s never had a dog, she can’t resist petting any that cross her path.  She’s lived in Jacksonville her entire life, but loves to travel. Mourning Florida’s flatness, her favorite summer activity is hiking in Beavercreek, Colorado.  A total klutz, her goal for the year is to only fall down the stairs once…as well as make the newspaper its absolute best.


Noah Mug-p1c16rknnn1teol2lbba5l8j6m

Noah McGahagin is the Managing Editor. His goal is to be a voice of reason so that everyone has an opportunity to realize their potential. In his spare time Noah listens to metal while writing, spends time in front of his shrine to Fox Mulder from the X Files, and worries incessantly about his future. There was a time in his life when homework seemed impossible, but now, as a senior, he merely laughs maniacally upon receipt of a new assignment. Noah is a shy student, uncomfortable with trusting others completely. Becoming a poet has been instrumental on his journey to self-confidence, and he now offers his classmates an intriguing cocktail of philosophy grounded in physical imagery.



Keiona Wallace is the Print Editor. She likes using photographs that correspond with the articles she reports and writes. She is very time-oriented and likes helping others resolve their problems. She loves helping in any way she can, making small things matter. Sometimes you can find her at your local Starbucks drinking a caramel frappe with chocolate chips. Most times she’s buried into her cell phone and trying to look at the little things in life. She loves laughing and Disney movies. Disney villains are her favorite, especially Maleficent. She’s very charismatic and shouldn’t be allowed too much sugar. She wants to pursue writing in the future and hopefully work in journalism and print.



Hanna Walters is the Digital Editor. She likes discovering new music, making Spotify playlists, sleeping, and watching YouTube videos. Writing has always been her passion and she used to make little daily newspapers based on Scooby Doo movies. On weekends, she travels to St. Augustine to visit her grandmother. She adores impromptu adventures to the beach and around the city and hopes that her senior year will bring more of those. Later on in life, she wants to become a marine biologist or zoologist and earn enough money to help her family out of debt while also allowing her to travel often.


Ben Mug-p1c16r7rnb1osl1o7n1fi814i7ksk

Ben Shafer is Co-Digital Editor and works on special projects. He hopes one day take on his Stephen King’s mantle as the dominant Horror Writer of the century. He enjoys writing fiction but also enjoys writing journalism because it keeps him in touch with the rest of the school. Ben is also a visual artist, having taken classes in both arts areas at DA, but considers himself above all else a writer. His favorite movie genres range from musicals to horror movies, and anything in between. Outside of school, Ben works at the Alhambra Dinner Theatre in the kitchen, where he makes the first courses and prepares deserts.


Davie Mug-p1c16r926q166i1a1ro15spc5ct

Davie Hardesty is the Business Manager. She is a senior vocal major, but hopes to use journalism to help her career. She wants to major in neuroscience in college and go on to medical school. She hopes to be published in medical journals one day for her work. She tries to travel as often as possible and wants to travel to at least one country on every continent. She has traveled to four different countries so far and 33 cities. She likes exploring and adventure. She is passionate about world issues and wants to help make a change. She is inspired by others and their stories, as well as being driven to make her mom proud.


Kendall Mug-p1c16r99n0fl91v3i1hmih23pnf

Kendall Haselwood, senior, is a staff writer for The Artisan. She spends most of her time either sleeping or trying to sleep, with varying degrees of success. Her main personality trait is her endless and all-encompassing love for cats, and to a lesser degree, her encyclopedic knowledge of Pokémon. She is utterly incapable of doing anything by degrees, and generally operates at full volume or at no volume at all. As a result, she is the least mature member of the Artisan team, if not the most immature person in the creative writing department, but if you ask her very nicely, she might share some food with you at lunch. Journalism is her compromise between her scientific and creative interests.


Jasmine Mug-p1c16r96sbejeb6kuj11it54t1

Jasmine King is a Staff Writer. She enjoys writing fiction and poetry. Her favorite pastimes are binge watching Netflix TV shows and working ahead in her academics. In her spare time, she has participated in school sponsored events such as Extravaganza and Coffee House. Her plan is to obtain a doctorate in communications while studying poetry on the side. She became interested in writing for her school newspaper when first introduced to journalistic writing in the 7th grade. Since then, she has enjoyed the responsibility of leadership as Editor-in-Chief for her school newspapers in grades 7 and 8. During her junior year, she hopes to gain new insights into her community and informing those around her.


Harleigh Mug-p1c16r94ui8541ng31t211mvrsiu

Harleigh Murray is a Staff Writer. She loves writing poetry whenever possible even if that means at three in the morning. Her favorite poet currently is Robert Hass but she has many others. Creative Nonfiction also has a special place in her heart. She is notoriously known as the Cat Lady at school. She has two dogs, Luvie and Rosie, as well as two cats, Archie and Smoochie. Her hobbies include writing, going to the movies, trying new things, sleeping, and traveling. This summer she went to Ireland, her new favorite place. She is very excited for a great junior year and can’t wait to see what the year brings.


Lily Mug-p1c16r9j1h18c715li6hv1pb41hq9

Lily Paternoster is a Staff Writer. She is now a junior, but in sophomore year she took an introduction to journalism class and wrote an article about the Flint water crisis, showing her how much she wanted to be a professional journalist in the future. The adrenaline rush of chasing a story and bringing attention to subjects that matter is what ignited a passion for reporting inside her. Besides journalism, her favorite genre of writing is creative nonfiction where she explores details from her childhood, and larger themes like love. She is also the mother to a nine-year-old pug, named Pug, with whom she likes to take long walks and binge-watch TV shows.


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