NCAA and Its Billions

Gianni LiberoPhotography Editor Sports are a huge part of college life an have grown to be extremely profitable. Despite their demand for a students time and energy, college sports often don’t help with the high cost of college. Also these same students, struggling to pay for college as it is, don’t even have the time to study for college. Being a college student be begin … Continue reading NCAA and Its Billions

Douglas Anderson Awarded National Magnet School Status

Summer Carrier & Evee Savela-Hogg Junior Staff    In August 2018, Duval County sponsored three schools with the hope of getting them National recognition and certification as explementary magnet high schools. As of the 2019 school year, Douglas Anderson was the only one out of the three to get the award.    Schools pay 1600$ to apply, and the county covered Douglas Anderson’s fee. In … Continue reading Douglas Anderson Awarded National Magnet School Status

Introducing Ms. Ward

Cameron Bäck Buisness Manager    As an intern at Terry Parker High School, Emily Ward sprung at the opportunity to teach at Douglas Anderson. With a full year under her belt, Ward has joined the English department, teaching both Freshmen and Seniors alike.    “DA offered me a job halfway through my year at Terry Parker and it was the best job available. I’ve come … Continue reading Introducing Ms. Ward

Veteran educators see no need for special celebration

Kevin Kraft Contributing Writer Rhonda Stampalia is a Dance teacher at Douglas Anderson, and she is coming up on her 30th consecutive year of teaching here. But you wouldn’t know it if you didn’t ask. Despite this milestone, she won’t be having any elaborate or special celebrations. She’ll be celebrating this year the exact same way she celebrates the end of every other year: with … Continue reading Veteran educators see no need for special celebration